Thrifty Foods Flyer - 06/02-06/08/2022 (Page 14)

3.9⁹9 each strawberries product of usa 54⁹ panache fresh flattened chicken lemon greek portuguese or portuguese half chicken 7.9⁹ each starbucks roast or ground coffee kraft dinner heinz pasta or beans keurig panache bab pike place heinz alph get this week's blue bonus get 95 bonus miles use son k₁ heinz beans fruit sticks raspberry or apple baked in-store "same item of equal or lesser válue get 3rd $4.99 each free each liberté greek yogurt old dutch potato chips or ridgies original old outch bonus miles when you buy any liberté greek berte greek old dutch farming karma soda made in kelowna each pepsi pepsi pepsi pepsi soft drinks air miles tostitos tortilla chips tost tos tostitos staurant round ronde bonus miles when you buy any tf_wko5 p12 pilsner fot best pilsner we pick coast first bevies 79⁹ happy planet www happy planet www thangos each 13.9.9⁹ each farming karma we pick first bergen first summer hacks freeze berries or use frozen each campbells campbell's broth concentrated chunky soup pale ale ota pale ale all lota pilsner or pale ale non-alcoholic beer made in victoria 4x355 ml ⓒ each happy planet juice made in we pick burnaby bc 900 ml first bergen farms frozen fruit grown in abbotsford or qualicum bonus page seda sa 18.⁹9 each € chunky compliments bathroom tissue or paper towel earn 100 air miles the keg when you spend $100 on the keg gift cards! value size

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