Thrifty Foods Flyer - 04/28-05/04/2022 (Page 11)

porting the te dare bear paws cookies viva puffs or wagon wheels lay's potato chips or poppables grolsch non alcoholic beer 4x500 ml ⓒ each bear paws viva puffs vegan earth balance chosen foods avocado oil lay's buttery spread or sticks each each lay's classic classique son alcoholic grolsch original earth balance wigitalien brigede chosen hule onvocat where this symbol appears deposit & enviro levies are applicable pop tarts snyder's of hanover pretzels kellogg's rice krispies squares special k pastry or nutri-grain selected varieties snyder's pieces bouchées snyder's pieces bouchées when you buy 2 or more or 1 for 6.49 buy more save more sparkmouth artisanal tonics 6x250 ml ⓒ we pick first each silk beverages silk protein each panache amber rich maple syrup sparkmouth handchafted cucumber mint tonic silk dat silk almond tong panache bertura de mat when you buy 2 or more or 1 for 2.99 town house flipsides buy more save more kellogg's cheez-it crackers town house cheezit crackers original old dutch restaurante or arriba tortilla chips each compliments zaz water enhancers each compliments gluten-free all-purpose flour blend gluten free each compliments pure honey dutch arriba nacho old dutch restaurante original zaz zaz bluten-free sans gluten all purpur ⓡ each compliments roast and ground coffee selected varieties sorgettagl bonus miles each compliments himalayan pink salt popcorn new bonus miles compliments sparkling water or fizzy water 1 lo gardein meatless entrées or healthy choice power bowls each fizzy gardein crispy tenders gardein crispy chick'n fig bars each nature's bakery fig bara nature's bakery on fig bara raspberry sond men drinks & snacks pringementen terang juada theert each lipton lipton green tea yellow label or green tea bags selected varieties lipton yellow label compliments candy bonus starbucks double or triple shot energy drink or frappuccino compuments new alpha pliments treats bonus miles each riceworks sea salt rice crisps enclatte natural tripleshot ergy+coffee each plant-based breakfast burritos or sandwiches burrito riceworks riceworks tf_wk53_p09

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