Thrifty Foods Flyer - 09/26-10/02/2019 (Page 11)

fall faves sensations quick provencal seafood bake fall for comfort food! sensations by compliments atlantic canada sea scallops frozen enjoy these hot & hearty meal ideas sensations on sale wild atlantic canada seascallops poncus laces du canada atlantique new sensations by compliments rich & creamy meat lasagna 1.3kg tach rich & creamy meat lasagna coothong bench nes viande sensations sensations by compliments black tiger shrimp cooked estrange on sale on sale tres grosses crevettes when you each sensations compliments lasagna or macaroni & cheese frozen 1kg compliments complimente thrifty kitchens pot pies made in victoria sensations by compliments hand stretched pizza sensations veggie glory macaroni & cheese macaroni au fromage feel-good chicken meat lasagna on sale inde on sale on sale charcuteries italiennes அப்புறம் we pick each each bonus miles litchens when you compliments cream cheese compliments cream cheese fromage la creme compliments loaded with fruit spreads sensations by compliments orange juice compliments we with fruit imple de fruits complimente muded with fruit remplie de fruits on sale clice on sale on sale each sensations by compliments olive oil sensations by compliments pole 'n line white tuna solid or flaked compliments organic beans organic bologique organic rologue blok beans marcos nors okoney means cots rouges solid white ti on sale on sale on sale thon blanc en panu flaked white tuna thon blanc émiette each each organic let us help make thanksgiving dinner easy bonus miles when you pre-pay by october 7th • four in-store roasted fall over 5 varieties to choose from limited quantities available pre-order at the deli on sale heat & serve ready in under each thrifty foods

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