Thrifty Foods Flyer - 04/08-04/14/2021 (Page 16)

thrifty foods eat happy sterling sterling silver beef steaks cut from canada on sale family size certified tender tendreté certifiée per lb new we pick sanfucar first on sale on sale on sale exclusive to thrifty foods sanlucar seedless tangerines per lb per lb each brioche loaf baked in-store bc beefsteak tomatoes you save $1.50 compliments iarnis - natrol riviera wood riviera island carms natret riviera we pick cottage kefir first on sale on sale on sale each riviera vegan delight oat milk or coconut yogurt or coconut milk kefir each compliments sliced cheese each island farms cottage cheese you save2 you save 1.80 you save 11.50 christie same great uncle bens heinz beans fruit creme quaker how bannel fast & fancy vite & bont chewdipps original christie dads chocolate chip on sale on sale on sale chocolate chip each kraft dinner or uncle ben's fast & fancy rice 1329 christie peek freans each quaker chewy or dipps granola bars save up to 1.50 save up to 1.44 you save"1.30 ran original - originale silk unsweetened egge eggo blueberry-bleuets seah silk out beverage blueberries bleuets almond www strawberries fraises transform your nealouse on sale on sale on sale calores calcium snowcrest frozen fruit each kellogg's eggo waffles silk beverages you save $2.50 you save 1.29 you save $1.49 get with the purchase of $25 in playstation gift cards! tf_wkso

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