Thrifty Foods Flyer - 04/08-04/14/2021 (Page 5)

produce we pick first on sale on sale honey citrus marinated fruit skewers each whole cantaloupe bc long english cucumbers grown in delta or on vancouver island pazazz apples bosc pears grown in the usa whole maradol papaya in mexico on sale on sale on sale each per lb each mix & match heavenly villagio complimenti resca mann's mann family favorites stringless sugar srikap peas rumer snap on sale babycut carros ces couples baby cugumber we pics first village petits concomb man eava we pick first llagio marzano village farms bc mini san marzano tomatoes grown in delta windset farms bc baby cucumbers mann's snap peas grown in california compliments baby cut carrots califorums sfl dara organic buck brand organic navel oranges grown at deer creek heights organic buck brand citrus is exclusive on sale to thrifty foods organic asparagus grown in mexico on sale organic organic organic organic organic on sale on sale on sale on sale bc organic royal gala apples organic bunch each grown in california or mexico grown in the similkameen broccoli grown in california each each organic romaine hearts grown in california yves we pick yves yves yres yves yves first smile priced produce carrots grown in california same great quality 495 yves veggie cuisine breakfast back bacon sausage or breakfast patties okanagan valley was 5.99 yves veggie cuisine ground round was 5.99 each was 4.99 compliments garden salad or coleslaw broccoli crowns grown in california yres yves yves each was 2.69 per lb each was 4.29 yves veggie cuisine slices salami or turkey each was 749 yves veggie cuisine veggie burgers tf wkso poz

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