Thrifty Foods Flyer - 03/25-03/31/2021 (Page 3)

meat bc fresh chicken drumsticks value size on sale we pick per lb first sterling family size premium meats sterling silver is superior bc fresh organic chicken drumsticks all size packages product of abbotsford on sale certified tender tendreté certifiée sterling silver on sale sirloin steaks we pick cut from canada aaa beef perib organic first alex campbell signature series traditional turkeys raised without the use of antibiotics while quantities last butterball seasoned whole turkey regular or stuffed quantities last product arrives march 26 butterball on sale on sale boneless turkey breast per lb per lb on sale on sale on sale fresh grade a turkeys product arrives march 26 butterball turkey breast roast and thigh fresh turkey breast roast western canada per lb sterling family size we pack when you buy first on sale on sale on sale each thrifty kitchens fresh chicken cordons product of victoria per lb sterling silver beef cross rib or blade roast per lb fresh lamb leg porsche freybe thick sliced bacon bacon tranche epais panache miles when you buy2 new on sale on sale on sale per lb compliments hickory smoked ham panache hickory smoked spiral ham each freybe naturally smoked thick sliced bacon compliments of protein per serving we pick panache bc new prst impossible пісня compliments mini quiche on sale buages furts base mis orches new guy on sale of protein per serving very good butchers stuffed beast plant based roast product of victoria off compliments or panache at tu meat appetizers or 1 for 15% off impossible plant based burger thrifty foods tf_wk48_p03

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