Thrifty Foods Flyer - 05/06-05/12/2021 (Page 4)

produce sweeneytojas dia ojai pixie tangerines grown in the ojai pixie tangerines bc tomatoes on the vine hanytime for first of the season forst on sale on sale each per lb we pick first bc of the first first of the season on sale on sale on sale on sale pazazz apples extra fancy grown in nova scotia ataulfo mangoes each for per lb per lb sweet vidalia onions bc rhubarb grown on the lower 臺 wmn mother raw dressing and dips cold-blended with no artificial now available at thrifty foods new wow mother french onion spicy veran queso mother raw rawe mother raw greek organic caesar ranch ganic biologi on sale new at thrifty foods mother raw organic dressing and dips moikea ranch each mit organic blueberries grown in mexico organic bc organic long english cucumbers grown in delta on sale on sale we pick each each organic first organic organic mini seedless watermelons grown in mexico organic bartlett pears grown in south america organic broccolette grown in california champ's bc organic sliced mushrooms on sale on sale on sale on sale mushrooms each per lb each organic organic first organic smile sweet vidalia onions grown in georgia vidalia et onions priced produce same great quality each was 5.99 each was 2.99 bunch celery grown in california earthbound earthbound farm organic salad kits asian or artisan ranch product of california earthbound organk broccoli crowns grown in california romaine hearts grown in california organic earthbound grove organic aan randola lane each was 6.99 organic per lb each was 4.99 tf wko2.poz

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