Thrifty Foods Flyer - 05/07-05/13/2020 (Page 2)

produce ataulfo mangoes bc fiddleheads grown in terrace large grown in mexico fiddleheads preparing fiddleheads washing several times in cold water cooking in boiling water ✓ boiling or steaming prior to sautéing frying or baking on sale on sale we pick for mango cheesecake first jazz apples grown in washington bc bell peppers grown in delta sweet georgia vidalia onions jumbo sweet bells on sale on sale on sale pick first of the season whole cored pineapple product of costa rica bc rhubarb grown in delta or on vancouver island inspired greens living lettuce grown in alberta windset farms bc butter lettuce grown in delta spired delicato on sale on sale on sale on sale we pick made in store daily each per lb we pick first first organic broccolette grown in california fresh organic bc organic rhubarb grown in the lower mainland champs bc organic sliced mushrooms white or crimini grown in langley mushrooms organic rhubart on sale on sale on sale each first each organic first organic organic organic blueberries grown in mexico organic grape tomatoes grown in mexico earthbound farm organic baby lettuce or baby romaine grown in california earthbound faun org laby lettuces jeunes laituls on sale on sale on sale each organic organic organic blueberries grown in mexico compliments baby-cut carrots com compliments simply romaine or garden salad ooh smile priced produce complimeve each same great quality each was 3.99 was 4.99 compliner red globe seeded grapes grown in chile medley petites compliments petite potatoes grown in canada or the usa compliments broccoli florets broccoli & cauliflower florets vegetable medley or melange petites complimente red petres tous each each per lb was 5.99 was 2.99

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