Thrifty Foods Flyer - 06/18-06/24/2020 (Page 3)

meat sterling silver beef prime rib steaks cut from aaa grade beef sterling premium meate quality on sale aaa beef • aged to tender perfection carefully sourced and hand-selected certified tender tendrete certifiée per lb fresh chicken breast or beef sirloin seasoned fajita mix with vegetables pan ready prepared in-store thrifty kitchens fresh chicken breast kabobs all flavours product of victoria bc fresh ground chicken thighs product of surrey on sale on sale on sale per lb we pick prst per lb tretty kitchen per pack per pack first fresh pork shoulder roast western canada fresh lamb loin chops western canada fresh turkey breast steaks product of western canada on sale on sale on sale per lb lily dale lilydale oven roasted chicken or turkey breast strips schneiders pepperettes selected harvest meats thick sliced bacon schneiders host lily dale schneiders pepperettes thick sliced bacon con tranche chicks breast strips la poolt pepperettes european wib on sale on sale on sale original originales each each each when you new marcangelo new value pack souvlaki kabobs pork or chicken arende pork sirloin kabobs souvlaki brochettes de surlonge de porc marcangelo beef short ribs honey bbq maites resorts hero many are os decor mouse on sale on sale at till at till thrifty foods

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