Thrifty Foods Flyer - 05/19-05/25/2022 (Page 4)

seafood now available in store wild sockeye salmon fillets sustainably caught in alaska previously frozen bc fresh spot prawn tails caught in bc waters while quantities last wib we pick first season with vegetables each bacon wrapped scallop skewers previously frozen wide ocean wild coho salmon fillets sustainably caught in alaska previously frozen perfect grill for the bonus miles when you buy1 off at till we pick first wild sockeye burgers sun-dried tomato made in-store daily ompuments compliments naturally simple shrimp frozen assorted "see in store for pricing shrimp skewers 7100g bc fresh halibut skewers made in-store caught in bc waters one ran cruis 三是 each compliments ginger beef sweet & sour pork or honey garlic pork pinty's each fatw beyond beef of protein beyond meat plant-based ground compliments pinty's breaded chicken breast chunks fillets or wings frozen selected gluten free pinty's simulated lean ground beef compliments plant based each % off at till each buy more save more when you buy 2 or more or 1 for 10% off plant-based burgers breakfast sausage simulated beef burgers tung or pork sausages wscromat beyond sausage compliments primereb beef burgers beyond meat plant-based sausages mild or hot simulated meat of poten base compliments burgers frozen for pricing noncert ond of protein auto compliments balance equilibre extra antonio surgersde odio dramasom sausage wonder yond sausage gluten free beyond burger hara gluten free tf_wk03_p04

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