Toys''R''Us - Holiday 2020 Flyer - 12/10-12/16/2020 (Page 2)

mega construx all* mega construx halo and call of duty building sets banshee breakout after event 2999 now 22.47 all* meccano building sets and priorita race construction now 22.47 ea mega halo master chief helmet her event 34.99 now 26.17 mega halo all* k'nex building sets so model big value now 26.17 k'nex thrill rides space invasion invasion de l'espace space invasion roller coaster now 44.97 imagine motor k'nex k'nex ride iti build o ride app all* $49.99 and up lego® city building sets lego jiends des and prices and its rectores lego city now 42.47 lego friends now 93.47 or event 79.99 now 67.97 lego friends now 67.97 lego city all* lego® dc super heroes building sets lego the all* $49.99 and up lego® star wars building sets redes presenting in sections tar wars de cadeand printing sector co tar nego her event 69 99 now 59.47 after eventi 99.99 now 84.97 lego tar wari lego all* $19.99 and up lego® disney princess and frozen building sets all lego® trolls lego cps lego frozen building sets lego trolls lego tolls world tour lego disney or event 69.99 now 59.47 seg 49.99 now 42.47 arent 49.99 now 42.47 her event 69.99 now 59.47 lego disney as lego tolis world to all* $49.99 and up lego harry potter building sets lego hatty potter all* $29.99 and up lego classic and duplo building sets lego duplo and proming score and pricing sector lego harty polter now 33.97 after event 7999 now 67.97 for event 79.99 now 67.97 lego hartley lego duplo who's got time to wait? fast & free curbside pick-up*

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