TSC Stores Flyer - 10/11-10/17/2019 (Page 3)

our best prices of the fall best price save premium softwood shavings • offers a high ratio of alaky wood shavings premium quality softwood bedding best price save lilit bar & chain oil • better metal surface coverage and protection good resistance to chain corrosion • increased chain life best price saye clumping cat litter tsc clumping cat litter • scented or unscented • 99% dust free best price saye earna rolling acres free bag after deer feed buying 12 • contains high quality protein • complete feed with added molasses rolling actelsg deer ferd best price save dry dog food tsc dry dog food earna free ba after buying 10 • meets all nutritional requirements • designed for dogs under moderate work regimes really incredible fall deals get’em before they're gone! save 40% save 40% booo each per pack hallowe'en socks hallowe'en gloves each hallowe'en toques more la store! while quantities last more in stese! while quantities last save 40% save 50% all rain x aqua & fusion wiper blades • ice resistant frame prevents ice and snow build-up rain-x fusion brake cleaner • removes brake brake led gunk more in stotel save 60% save $3 per pack switch light set batteries included tshirts navy browning new at tsc! save each browning sweaters • assorted colours

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