TSC Stores Flyer - 07/10-07/16/2020 (Page 2)

best prices of the season best price save best price save load up the truck save 35% save 50% add limited to existing no raincheques best pricesave armstrong pack wasp wee pro gasoil waspb gone bug spray • contact and residual control of ortho wasp b gone foam 3' x 50 landscape fabric • 10 year guarantee trufuel cob glo led light switch • peel & stick adhesive on back sticks to most surfaces wasp royal jubilee cakes trufuel gas+01 each & oil with stabilizer • helps extend the life of plastic & rubber components best price save all farm & implement paint includes aerosol 340g more in store! save $4 save 50c best price save köe best price sake mcfeeters rusta aerosol rust check • protects new & old metals • keeps locks from freezing ultimate quickpick bedding • ultimately dust free • ultimate in consistency enviroblast sandblasting sand • multi-purpose blasting sand del industrial sand ustv check farm & brass impact tripod sprinkler • ideal for large lawn areas mplemen faroll implement save 50c windsor save $3 implementi equipment white light sandblasting sand more in store! mosquito windsor rust remover rust remover softener salt • improves water taste & prevents rust stains in faucets & tubs mosquito b gon • keeps pesky mosquitoes away gonat sis save 15% all gorilla glue & tape • strong bond glues and adhesives ortho stock up project supplies all weatherbeater wiper blades rainx brake cleaner brake zinc plated oil & grease washers rainx • 15" 28" cons save $3 cleaner • removes brake fluid gorilla glue rain gorilla wala tade gunk more in store! more in store! wd-40 twin pack wd-40 wd-40 chlorine • stops squeaks approved for use cleans & protects in water treatment drives out limited to existing inventory sorry no raincheques save 50% harvest grade erickson save 10% scepter save 20% all scepter gas harvest grade containers garbage bags save $10 kleen save $8 harvest may not be exactly as shown harvest grade sovar resistants marcin ratchet strap • double "t" hook sku description fertilizer reg sale sku description diesel lubricant • all season diesel lubricant provides superior lubricity reg sale mikk more • lawn fertilizer with slow release nitrogen magnesium & sulphur

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