TSC Stores Flyer - 07/17-07/22/2020 (Page 2)

do-it-yourself event on now save 50% toolway save 25% save $4 mecho gorilla metal cut-off wheel • double reinforcement non-chlorinated brave harts brake cleaner cleaner • removes brake fluid des pels brake dust dead • very fast drying • low odour 1.5lb axe • 15" handle length • fibreglass handle echo galvanized bulk nuts bolts & washers gorilla tape • incredibly strong tape echo bar & chain oil • premium blend netton s"x" நயா போன் uெrisai for the toughest gorillata ama tape erust-oleum save $5 harvest save $10 40lbs band save $10 mrbeer save 10% all swivel casters premium edition beer kit erickson save 40% all blue poly tarps • lightweight & hexible save 10% all tremclad 946ml rust paint & primer available in a variety of colour options harvest • available in lawn fertilizer 7kg harvest goodness fertilizer slow release nitrogen magnesium & sulphur engrais à gazon tremciad wood pellets • choice of mesquite maple or neren special blend wide mrbeer • makes it easy to brew a great tasting beer each and every time tremciad bert prime sku size reg more in store! sale 7kg letas more in store! more in store! save 50c your 399 bernardin save 80c bernardin e new at tsc! bernardin bernardin save 1.50 rico rca roca canning bernardo guide to home preserving book bernardin qui pectin pectine headquarters pack il canning jars for home canning and food storage bernardin pectin • two pouches for making homemade jams and jellies quickly gate lrouide • colourful how to preserve book with bernardin snap lids • lids fit all regular mouth glass preserving jars save 50c widemouth lids snap lid lots of recipes euro guide to home preserving bernardin glass ile the you regular mason sars save $1 ball save $2 ball new at tsc! save new at tsc! save click for expert tips • 7 quarts jar capacity spiral cars made of clear quality glass so it is easy to identify the items you have 473ml spiral jars 4pk ball glass fermentation kit includes 32oz ball wide mouth jar 2.4ozball salt wide mouth fermentation lid & fermentation recipe book westmark cherry pitter • spring action cherry pitter also equipped with clip to ensure it stays closed when used on olives visit tscstores.com for top 10 tips to successful canning plus recipes

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