TSC Stores - Holiday 2020 Flyer - 12/04-12/09/2020 (Page 2)

norle stocking stuffers stanfields save 20% all socks kg save 20% all underwear includes bronds from berne gear & more! limited to existing entory limited to existing inventory discount on regular priced items only dincount on regular priced items only save 20% save 20% all gloves & mitts all winter berne & more wation touch duck limited to existing inventory limited to existing inventory discount on regular priced items only discount on regular priced items only all yard kennels duol folding hinge makes adding and removing sest spoce and sets up and folds up cos y bo et cooking save sku description reg sale all christmas lights & decor save stockings & more! casin talvekalai castle merry christmas "discount on regular preced items only home & garage save 500 save 10% temptations cat treats assorted loves to choose from whiskas 3.87l rain-x windshield washer fluid protects to 40°c tonotations jomada rain bederer save $2 save $2 trufuel ring! cheeseballs or 12.3oz onion rings great parly snack 32oz trufuel cycle fuel & oil with stabilizer help extend the lite of plastic and rubber components trufuel save $5 save $1 armstrong dino bone great for bio or mall reg 12.99 1.8kg armstrong easy pickens safflower bird seed attracts red cordial safflower doves & sparrows carthame geranian save $5 husqvarna husqvarna 3.78l husqvarna bar & chain oil husqvomon x-guard all-scoon formula provides superior cutting equipment protection while operating a choinsow in any condition

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