TSC Stores Flyer - 04/22-04/28/2022 (Page 10)

xo save 10% on "discount applies to regular priced items only save $10 save $20 garage light 12v utility sump pump features rubber sleeve handle & optimized structure save $70 early customer appreciation deal save capacity save $2 rainfresh water softener easy switch & a durable built-in motor save 15% cement & tools save 25% teflon tape anglain y mum are kic-pwt lustolun lust-oleum iuston multi-purpose ideal for families of 1 to 4+ looking for a reliable way ptfe replacement to soften their water cartridge ecopure save 20% clorox save $2 o'keeffe's save $2 spray save $5 hrust-oleum disinfectant wipes nine o'keeffe's working spray nine leak seal leak leak leak hands & healthy cleaner 650ml spray feet lotion relief disinfecting & nine degreasing properties @ @ @ peavey decorative bernardun save 15% maximum save 25% canning jars globe save $10 globe garbage bags wall pail with metal corn broom 18" push broom handle in white with great for sweeping garages stiff bristles to sweep peavey mart logo na imun wood handle coritibactor bags wire wound construction with 3 sews & added wire for long-lasting use sku description reg white snap on lid save 15% save $3 save 15% save $25 save $50 metaltech safety masks gorilla assorted styles available gorilla duct tape 10" utility wheel hand 6' scaffold truck dolly load capacity of 1000lb powder coated finish & a tough all weather shell large pneumatic tires anti-slip platform standards mamum berna nardin مابير for the toughest jobs prilla tape gorilla ta discount applies to regular priced items only thcheatry 100% canadian owned & operated

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