TSC Stores Flyer - 01/10-01/16/2020 (Page 4)

load up the truck! save $3 bulk priced save 25c 25kg tsc cracked corn buy 18 or more for save $2 save 15% all dog treats each • tasty treats for your dog to enjoy diges milebone save 50% greenhouse with pvc cover o'keefe's working hands or healthy feet moisturizing wong listas cream hands and feet 50% discount per bag 78l premium sans softwood shavings • volume may expand up to 3 times tsc deer feed • high quality protein • palatable sweet feed cracked corn maps concassé marrobone deer feed nourriture pour chevreuils breath buster milk bones savings based on weekly commodity your local tsc store for pricing premium quality • steel frame with plastic connectors more in store! country auto projects knowhow save 45% save $5 save $3 enjoy your backyard this season! with birding supplies from tsc save 10% save 15% all nyjer all tube low sulfer diesel fuel conditioner lloyds non flammable brake cleaner • fast drying • low odour lloyds wd-40 twin pack • stops squeaks cleans & protects 3131 wd-40 wd-40 feeders • variety of styles available bird seed sku description r eg more in store! 1.8kg more in store! danger kleen wd-40 welove stock up the garage save save $5-$15 save $5-$10 all peanut preferred gourmet halves bird seed earna save $5-$15 save $14 free bag easy pickens mirnong safflower bird seed scotts song bird seed learn more at tscstores.com save 40% all weatherbeater wiper blades • 15" - 28" rain-x save 40% ratchet strap save 20% all 20l fuel containers or gas scepter after buying 12 songbird • heavy duty design • double "thooks more in store! tscstores.com

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