Walmart Flyer - 01/09-01/15/2020 (Page 3)

eat well for less * live better veggie strous made original mind berry granola bars made boolean sensible portions veggie chips new chocolate chip granola bars pailles aux save now! save $1 legume parking salon newt qir pack was 2.97 made good bars unsweetened original prime morning crisp almond breeze rise rise prime raised without antibiotics whole chickens fillets or thin sliced cut from 100% canadian chicken blue diamond almond breeze rise jordans morning crisp cereal save now! save 700 was 2.67 kombucha assorted flavours vanilla caren bere cookies cream ile almond almond convert sed cons ket great value smoothie bars or low calorie and high protein tubs multi green giant frozen vegetables assorted varieties multi silk almond beverage each or 3.97 each or 2.97 each while quantities last big deals for baby nna unlamil pediasure complete pediasure complete pediasured complete pedi wab titanfl state save now! save 5.50 multi pediasure complete nutritional drinks 4-pack enfamil a+ enfamil a+2 or gentlease a+ ready to feed or 9.97 each each was 54.97 enfagrou organ pret wiologious puds trusted me protection organ enfagroup tada tout tit toddler tout petits gunt colombo rollback save $5 save now! save 3.50 huggies superpack pull-ups training pants parent's choice organic pouches each was 29.97 enfagrow a+ toddler nutritional powder milk or vanilla flavour was 21.97 goodnites more aveeno port aveeno baby bols underjams value sim son rollback save $5 aveeno baby toiletries assorted types huggies superpack goodnites or pampers underjams training pants management 1499 safety 1st alpha omega car seat each was 29.97 prices for diapers and training pants are in-store only

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