Walmart Flyer - 04/30-05/27/2020 (Page 3)

Products in this flyer

sodastream sodastream soda press organic syrups each sodastream 60l co refill sodastream soda press co soda pressch sodastream save $15 on exchange at walmart customer service counter sodastream june cola bergen sodastream syrups sodastream pula or 6.98 each sodastream carorating bottle bouteilles de galication sodastream rollback save $20 sodastream fizzi kit includes carbonating bottle and co2 cylinder pack kit instant pot rollback save $30 instant pot plus compact fryer oven instant pot 8-qt lux multi-use electric pressure cooker each krister each instnt irstarlet instant pot instant r- makes delicious smoothies oat milks rollback save 30.98 rollback save $20 instant pot ace multi-cooking and beverage blender each each was 97.88 electric pressure cooker

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