Walmart Flyer - 03/25-03/31/2021 (Page 3)

☺ top tropicana juices or drinks each selected varieties was 5.27 rollback save 2.30 turkey dinde stove top stuffing was 1.67 rollback save 70€ tropicana tropicana activia activia time red rose tassimo hortons folgers classic roast activia yogurt tubs was 3.78 rollback save 80€ tim hortons instant coffee or maxwell house coffee k-cups or tassimo t-discs rellback save 1.47 folgers ground coffee 920 g or red rose tea 2165 also available folgers k-cups 12-pack rollback save 3.09 sour cream low far sour cream original miller's pride wote worms miller's pride flour was 4.67 rollback save 2.70 kraft hazelnut spread was 5.88 rollback save 2.11 rollback save 1.50 white all-purpose flora gay lea sour cream was 3.47 new! calle tenderflake heinz tomato juice snorrents nts senes heinz tomato juice was 2.47 delissio garlic artad tele pain a dail coolwhip rollback save 90€ rollback save 50€ rollback save 1.10 tenderflake pie shells was 3.87 made to resha soalets delissio garlic bread pizza or rising crust or pizzeria frozen pizza was 5.97 pan crescents croissants chipits wiener wrap pite pillsbury wiener wraps or crescents was 1.97 pure white scholat bike par saucisses hershey chipits rollback save $1 chipits las el- site wonderful bold » baked extra exquis fache cheese borage nacho breton pistachios merrien rollback save 80€ rellback save 914 rellback save $1 dare bold 'n baked or breton crackers was 2.77 wonderful pistachios was 5.88 perrier slim cans was 5.97 rollback on the menu marc angelo deli meats each was 5.97 rollback save 97€ or chorizo salami was $9 mastro ciclo ceu anti pasto misto rollback save $1 ence italar tills bestileres 60 bone-in leg of lamb lando root dana rellback save 1.50 our finest meatballs selected varieties was 11.97 your fresh market atlantic salmon value pack

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