Walmart Flyer - 07/08-07/14/2021 (Page 3)

always low prices lancia stahiti sala coge lancia lancia pasta was 1,67 it's not butter! was 1.97 icari bir lancia butter! save now! save 70° original save now! save 50¢ macaroni farts lfamily size bistro cele bistro lucky honey nut charms cheerios minute maid juices or drinks was 1,47 minute maid rollback save 20€ rollback save 1.20 apple from concentrate hadded witamine rollback save $1 stouffer's bistro frozen entrees was 2.97 general mills family cereal was 4.97 calconi taste cracker barrel eleen itsehen original heinz seriously good cracker barrel miracle whip widiommiget witches bulis eye alenart rollback save $1 kraft miracle whip mayonnaise 675 ml each cracker barrel natural slices was 4.97 bull's-eye bbq sauce restal frustapie nestea fruitopia or nestea drinks was 1.97 save now! save 50€ nutella nutella strawberry fassion quakeness lemon med tea oro fibre1 casa man odio brownies ber ristorante wir freeze nature valley sweet & salty peta spirati rellback save $1 or casa di mama frozen pizza nature valley premium or fibre 1 bars jumbo pack was 797 variet24 new! cyclone lays dorito cheetos ritz ritz promo pack ketchup qaws pattes aval childar chinese drumstica lay's chips or doritos christie crackers selected varieties nestle drumstick sweet 'n salty caramel 12-pack or popsicle cyclone 24-pack or 3.17 each printed in canada items and prices available at walmart stores in canada only and only for stores in the distribution area of this pefc printed on june 25th walmart

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