Walmart Flyer - 04/15-04/21/2021 (Page 3)

stock up on low prices nature valley crunchy oikos pop tarts barva oikos kellogg's or general mills snacks selected varieties and sizes nutri grain dikos ber or 2.77 each oikos or light & free yogurt selected varieties and sizes or 4.48 each camell camp quaker chunky quaker ber maple brown susar chunky frosit honey nut cheerios flake fotobre chikken noos housel nou les cund delse frot loops quaker hot cereal selected varieties campbell's chunky soup general mills or kellogg's retail size cereal selected varieties or 3.27 each or 2.47 each or $4 each sundt find sinds excellenc excellenc excellenc coles crisper crispers coca cola orange intense mini cacao ki dressed assaisonnes salingas bevari coca-cola noel dark kor dante հա crispers bits & bites or ritz chips selected varieties lindt excellence chocolate bars coca-cola cans bottles 8 x 300 ml selected flavours multi or 1.97 each or 3.47 each or 5.47 each clean up on great deals rolls coupe 62 rolls royale stopables royale downy downy liquid fabric softener or scent beads was 13.97 rollback save $2 velour ultraplush royale bathroom tissue was 18.97 save now! save 5.99 original rolls loads nuk def12 18 royale tiger son purex purex baby soft liquid detergent was 16.47 rollback save $4 club pack de lipy action babysoft royale paper towels 12-pack royale royale organol- 4xl microban microban cleaning spray varieties and sizes was 5.97 royale sol royale microban pine-sol original was 4.77 rollback save 1.80 rollback save $1 sun royale 2- or 3-ply facial tissue 12-pack essentimist iglade glade ile tot sal glad cling wrap rollback save 2.80 air wick plug-in scented oil 1+3 or essential mist kits was 14.27 glade small jar candles or wax melts rollback save $2 glad cling wrap was 3.97 or 4.47 each

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