Walmart Flyer - 06/16-06/22/2022 (Page 4)

funch minute maid reary punon berry punsh minute maid frozen punch was 1.28 yopi inigo mini 90 talarship yoplait tubes 8-pack minigo 6-pack or source 650 g yogurt was 3.38 crescent original pillsbury wiener wraps rellback save $1 or crescents was 2.28 liberte greek lemon citron pure leaf plair rellback save 1.71 tea leaves fiubles the liberté tubs or yoplait source yogurt lemonade limonade tropicana was 6.58 save more on everyone's favourites quaker berry baies harvest crunch cinnamon bolts shandla cereal original wiener wrap lokasy quaker instant breme super cinnamon roll minute maid made with fre yopla rellback save 1.03 1000s of rollbacks value pack corvara de your fresh market regular or mini bocconcini cheese was $10 rellback save $2 tubes strawberry flavour rellback save 41¢ quaker gothaman te rollback save 91¢ catelli macarone ngcuor no added sugar aneuhaudute source catelli spagheth catelli blue pasta was 1.97 ura hich source of fire chan urd you fresh market marche fraicheur mini bocconcini soft cheese fromage à pâte molle bubble tea wall's the same hra tokig chann he kuvan tour de wat loka wall's ice cream tubs or novelties was 8.97 perrier exhorts nutral spring mater perrier or san pellegrino sparkling water was 8.97 nescafe richoriche walls bubble tea the aux perles nescafe ich riche rellback save $4 4.⁹7 rollback save $2 6⁹7 tropicana juice or lemonade or pure leaf iced tea selected varieties or 4.38 each quaker assorted cereals selected varieties and sizes or 4.67 each quaker hot cereal selected varieties and sizes started d09 or 3.97 each printed in canada items and prices available at walmart stores in canada only and only for stores in the distribution area of this printed on june 3rd pefc walmart nescafé rich instant coffee varieties and sizes was 5.98 save now! save 1.54 perc fotos case fofc

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