Walmart Flyer - 06/03-06/09/2021 (Page 5)

always low prices or dabar redbath redpath white sugar casa mama ristorante or casa di mama frozen pizza save now! save $1 save now! save 2.14 stuse geanulated sugar 3kg tatte formatfalia keurig post pike place post family cereal varieties and siges folgers ground coffee 920 g or starbucks k-cups 10s was 11.47 shreddies honeycomb folgers save now! save 4.59 classic roast len did dutch sakey old uutch new! ridgies bbq hidden valley ranch or the keg salad dressing selected varieties tropicana juices or drinks selected varieties tuddenley ranch tropicana mujernblon welcn d'eau tropical old dutch chips selected varieties and sizes or 3.97 each or 2.97 each cally great ortega s'mores taco pack llls med great value cheese slices varieties and sizes great value s'mores kit ortega taco shells or pace salsa bounty bounty paper towels spongetowels ultra paper towels 12-pack sponge towels the quiche picker sponge ultra towels depro lena scotties 18€ ziploc ziploc sunlight dish detergent sunlight scotties facial tissue selected varieties ziploc large freezer or storage bags varieties and sizes great outdoors at great prices minde raid raid raid max insect control spray varieties and sizes was 11.98 shake 'n feed miracle-gro shake 'n feed plant food mind max hyux crawling insect home shake 'n feed rollback save $2 printed in canada items and prices available at walmart stores in canada only and only for stores in the distribution area of this printed on pefc may 21st walmart

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