Walmart Flyer - 06/25-07/01/2020 (Page 3)

guaranteed unbeatable low prices see for ad match details cluster tomatoes product of canada each romaine lettuce product of canada your fresh market white whole mushrooms product of canada red or yellow bulk peppers product of canada mini cucumbers product of canada pack large pint jumbo golden pineapple product of costa rica bulk lemons or limes blueberries product of usa each average large seedless watermelon product of usa avocados product of mexico 1000s of rollbacks on newi nouveaui duties little crispy brended haddock tablet filets de es cro bites sara lee little bites assorted varieties great value english style battered breaded fish sticks coletop english buttered pilets filets de points to de plek rollback save 404 rollback save $1 ind was 3.67 each was 6.97 sabra classic classique sabra hummus assorted varieties reser's salads assorted varieties resets rollback save 80¢ potato & egg rollback save 1.50 suede ponede tech was 3.77 was 5.47 walmart

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