Walmart Flyer - 05/27-06/02/2021 (Page 5)

always low prices giuseppe pizzeria rising crust or thin crust frozen pizza was 5.97 pieztria bisnesteet biuseppe folgers or starbucks k-cups 10s was 11.47 save now! save 4.59 piace classic roase pizzerz en castleitore keurig save now! save $2 pike 10-cu familyse for häagen-dars or ben & jerry's tubs or magnum novelties varieties and sizes was 5.98 mnonum post family cereal varieties and sizes nouveau honeycom shreddies double caramel häagen-das save now! save 1.01 divine samo campbells wutare tante hellmann's cần bouillon poulet campbell's broth bull's-eye 425 ml or diana 500 ml bbq sauce each real vraie hellmann's mayonnaise each bullseye kraft dinner original coca-cola coca-cola or pepsi selected varieties original isded or 1.27 each or 5.47 each lögo nano logo nano cavendish flavour crisp cavendish all day breakfast chocolate pieces selected varieties snax jögo nano drinkable yogurt selected varieties cavendish farms premium frozen fries selected varieties or 4.18 each or 3.78 each or 2.97 each spongetowels ultra paper towels 12-pack cashmere cashmere bathroom tissue 30-pack was 18.97 save now! save 6.04 sponge sponge towels ultra towels tapro finish jet-dry additive or dishwasher cleaner windex finish finish verdry windo windex events aviat us or 5.97 each or 5.54 each doubles scotties 18 off! off! family care or deep woods insect repellent selected varieties off! bounty wood bounty paper towels scotties facial tissue or 88 3-ply sheets selected varieties or 8.96 each rere printed in canada printed on items and prices available at walmart stores in canada only and only for stores in the distribution area of this pefc may 14th walmart

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