Walmart Flyer - 04/01-04/07/2021 (Page 3)

pick fresh deals jumbo golden pineapple blackberries or raspberries save now! save 50€ save now! save $1 celery stalks each was 2.97 broccoli stalks each product of usa was 3.47 grow save now! save 1.50 brussels sprouts was 4.47 white cauliflower each product of usa all-purpose potatoes large eat smart new! eaty aucuda cheddar ranch batcheddar smart sad chowdown lemons each product of usa mini watermelon each product of guatemala mexico or honduras eat smart salad kits low prices to savour then cinnamon tange brioche bioe sun-maid raisin cinnamon stir! marbre la carne mbd sun-maid raisin bread was 4.47 rollback save 50¢ rollback save $1 the bakery dinner rolls or your fresh market stuffing bread or hot cross buns and sines your fresh market cinnamon buns was $6 dempsters dempsters tuxedo saw sync bage bols rollback save 50€ save now! save 2.23 dempster's premium bagels selected varieties was 4.17 your fresh market 10" pies our finest real cream bar cakes was $12 or $6 each

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