Walmart Flyer - 07/30-08/05/2020 (Page 4)

arabian pork walnis jumbo cherries lemons or limes mexico celery stalks product of canada each iceberg lettuce product of canada eat smart litehouse litehouse st chou caesar hottestate blueberries product of canada eat smart sweet kale salad product of usa pack litehouse dressing assorted varieties and sizes product of usa vas lligh liner fammt hanter beer battered sk tillets rollback save $1 each great value sliced bacon assorted varieties was 4.47 high liner fish fillets family pack great value original net meatball doulettes de viande autre gol originales nopo come for great value fully cooked bbq pork back ribs great value family pack appetizers and sizes great value family size original wieners pack pee we sun coded crew du pacifique who porc nadi chen fletchers aaa angus pork side stes cotestlane di porc great value shrimp pork side ribs cut from 100% canadian pork top sirloin steak or cap steak value pack cut from 100% canada aaa angus beef rollback save $2 was 11.97 free pickup "excludes penguin pickup locations walmart

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