Walmart Flyer - 08/06-08/12/2020 (Page 3)

fruitsations deli-cious deals tre stelle brunan turkey kolbassa kolbassad loinde bocconcini your fresh market cheese slices made with 100% canadian milk assorted varieties multi assorted varieties tre stelle bocconcini cheese or 4.97 each low prices baked right in derries bos holsum fresh elu enger bagels hot dog bagels sisine tout sarni multi ben's holsum bread 570 g or hot dog or hamburger buns dempster's premium bagels assorted varieties the bakery packaged buns 6-pack assorted types passivn flakie baked in-store new! ber louis le deni vachon snack cakes assorted varieties multi your fresh market pastries 6-pack assorted varieties your fresh market sliced loaf cakes assorted varieties pack or 3.47 each snack on great prices avon 30% more site breaktime uhr chocolate chip breaktime great value qatmeal great value cola drange soda great value soda assorted flavours dare breaktime cookies assorted varieties yad for 12x2 care rel viva puffs bear paws bits bites pattes dours crispers went media dhe wagonowheels wagonowheels dare wagon wheels or viva puffs assorted varieties and rellback save 1.91 each was 3.88 dare bear paws or wagon wheels family pack assorted varieties rollback save 1.41 each was 4.88 christie crispers bits & bites or ritz chips selected varieties multi or 1.97 each affle cons original swiss classic millait orchard peach ocean spro del monte cranberry cocktail ocean spray cocktail assorted varieties rollback save 47€ was 3.44 lindt swiss classic chocolate bar rellback save 50¢ rollback save $1 each was 2.97 del monte fruit cups or mott's fruitsations assorted varieties was 2.47

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