Walmart Flyer - 08/06-08/12/2020 (Page 4)

always low prices klondike ser delissio breyers creamery style nattenle sarowich save now! save 64¢ singles delissio individuelles thin crispy pepperoni mince croustillante rollback save 2.64 delissio thin crispy crust pizza or singles each was 5.97 or klondike frozen novelties each was 3.97 cheemo rerogies cheeho perogies ero zero your rollback save 67€ cheemo perogies frozen assorted varieties rellback save $2 pack was 5.97 gatorade assorted varieties black diamond cheestrings 16-pack assorted varieties was 2.64 nutri grain eclif french nature valley crunchy атр fruit eclif food kellogg's or general mills snacks assorted varieties rollback save 4.50 pack was 16.47 french's ketchup assorted varieties clif bar 12-pack assorted varieties or 2.77 each mas vicktes viss vickies original recipe recette originale catelui garden select setcaser creat precupetse el segltaele recipe tomato basil catelli garden select pasta sauce assorted varieties rollback save 50€ rollback save 59€ was 1.97 miss vickie's chips assorted varieties and sizes each was 3.56 can tast vlasic bulis-eye kraft rancher's coci campagne teste italian italienne ranti diana or bull's-eye bbq sauce assorted varieties and sizes rollback save 1.70 each was 3.17 kraft salad dressing assorted varieties multi vlasic pickles or 2.77 each het choke steunen ging green cine geant vert marble marbro choice green glanc géant vere green giant frozen vegetables assorted varieties healthy choice gourmet steamers multi great value cheese slices assorted varieties or 4.47 each printed in canada items and prices available at walmart stores in canada only and only for stores in the distribution area of this flyer printed on pefc july 24th walmart

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