Walmart Flyer - 07/23-07/29/2020 (Page 4)

valstyret allstics always low prices clover leaf chunk light tuna skipace hellmann's real vraie hellmann's hellmann's mayonnaise ifah real-vraie mayonnaise skep jack clover flaked light tuna save now! in water save 50¢ clover leaf core or flavoured skipjack tuna each assorted varieties and sizes was 1.47 each ind green giane glant vert getngiang geant vert heinzl tomato ketchup automatis lada green giant frozen vegetables assorted varieties heinz ketchup each 7% chocolate scotsburn orumstick chocolate milk oreo scotsburn chocolate milk low fat nestlé drumsticks or confectioneries or del monte novelties each chen elence original olen powerade pack powerade assorted varieties tim horton frito-lay multipack 20-pack assorted varieties pack tim hortons ground coffee assorted varieties roto rice krispies nature valley crunchy fruits why asti smeeth in fro astro or astro smooth 'n fruity yogurt tubs sad astro strawberry original multi multi kellogg's or general mills snacks assorted varieties and sizes or 2.77 each or 2.67 each original bars philadelphia bits & bites méli mélo oh henry! crispers philadelphia original bolero kitkat christie crispers bits & bites or ritz chips assorted varieties and sizes multi philadelphia cream cheese chocolate bars assorted varieties and sizes multi or 1.97 each or 3.97 each or 4.12 cach more printed canada items and prices available at walmart stores in canada only and only for stores in the distribution area of this printed on pefc july 13th walmart

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