Walmart Flyer - 06/17-06/23/2021 (Page 5)

always low prices code singles casa “mama doo kraft singles was 4.97 or casa di mama frozen pizza was 5.47 eup ristorante ep121 spinbee singles save now! save $2 save now! save 2.14 bridderne tetley fruitsations tosters choo juice loe bars nescafé rich or taster's choice instant coffee each selected varieties maxwell house coffee large tin mott's fruitsations or welch's juice ice bars 36-pack weichs premium juice lor bars nescafé geit save now! save 2.17 maxwell actions nature valley crunchy reese puffs coca-cola general mills snacks selected varieties coca-cola or pepsi pack selected varieties cotti fruitsations multi geeigne pepsi or 2.77 each or 5.47 each kellogg's ele honey nut cheerios froat loodo old fort éllega's general mills or kellogg's cereal selected varieties and great value cheese blocks selected varieties frosted flakes or 4.74 each or 5.77 each no sideki fon sideksel cavendish cavendish flavourcrisp all-day breakfast bacon ssico classico pasta sauce selected varieties and sizes classico doo mali labas ante tanner knorr sidekicks selected varieties cavendish farms premium frozen fries selected varieties or 1.47 each or 3.27 each or 2.97 each maa betty cao bay coches whipped van toon cream goldfish goldfish crackers selected varieties and sizes chetan betty crocker cake mix or frosting selected varieties voortman cookies or wafers selected varieties or 1.97 each or 2.97 each or 2.27 cach bring home great savings borg can royale orginal eco royale bounty royale romine bounty paper towels great value eco towels royale facial tissue printed in canada items and prices available at walmart stores in canada only and only for stores in the distribution area of this pefc printed on june 4th walmart

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