Walmart Flyer - 12/02-12/08/2021 (Page 3)

treat everyone to low prices ferrero collection pot of gold tobleroney ferred rocher potof gold rellback save 1.81 or ferrero collection was 6.98 pot of gold boxed chocolates and sizes toblerone milk chocolate bars lowney skittles tufesaks lifesavers louney rollback save $1 mars or wrigley storybooks and sizes voortman holiday cookies lowney maraschino cherries each 2009 was 5.98 lindor lindit lindor sind! lindor lindor rati rollback save 1.01 rollback save $1 lindt mini balls was 4.28 lindt lindor bags was 9.98 lindt cornets cinnamon eure shele kraft bowloge bouvell ecraft www கமாய mase toast crunch com pool general mills kellogg's or post cereal selected varieties and sizes shreddies kraft zusty italian italienne piquante kraft creamy caesar cesar chemiuse kraft salad dressing or 3.97 each or 2.97 each hras delissio quaker delissio crispy minis thin crispy mince croustillante singles individuelles quaker crispy minis varieties and sizes tube pepperoni pepperoni delissio thin crispy crust or single-serve pizza or 4.97 each clu house turkey dindon philadelphia original brown house brun jögo nand graviers iögo original nano philadelphia club house dry sauces or gravies selected varieties and sizes iögo nano drinkable yogurt selected varieties 6x93 ml philadelphia cream cheese selected varieties or 1.47 each or 3.98 each or 4.27 each

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