Walmart Flyer - 04/21-04/27/2022 (Page 2)

always low prices toto faste bon gout pin lill frut coro ras diana sance gier sus red gouest origi original bul's eye red bold oricine simply pemonade pimonade simply juice or drinks was 4.77 rollback save 1.80 simply orange rollback save 70€ free bull's-eye 425 ml or diana 500 ml bbq sauce was 2.97 gagline ver valley green giant frozen vegetables selected varieties pace salsa was 5.37 pact pact green grant geant vert save now! save 1.90 allar cross megas or 3.47 each halogen-dars the vachedule philadelphia original dagen dans original valla philadelphia oniginal vua hải rellback save $1 rollback save $2 häagen-dazs ice cream tubs or novelties varieties and sizes was 5.97 the laughing cow spreadable cheese was 4.97 philadelphia cream cheese selected varieties or 4.37 each loro crispers crispers pepsi barbecue aalbrusses zero sugar christie crispers selected varieties coca-cola or pepsi selected varieties great value cheese blocks selected varieties or 1.97 each or 5.98 each or 5.98 each stock up on essentials sensodyne sensowne pronamel dial dial hand soap refill was 5.97 rollback save $1 rollback save 79€ dial sensodyne 135 ml or pronamel 110 ml value size toothpaste was 5.76 dial dial dial body wash was 3.97 head & shoulders shampoo or supreme purify & hydrate shampoo or conditioner was 8.97 heads sokker nevada socks gentle soy almond mix cofan spm rollback save 1.09 rollback save $1 sarnier monster coppertone dove men weare lso bell garnier belle color hair colour selected varieties banana boat or coppertone singles sove dove bar soap or dove men+care body wash varieties and sizes cou kids dove belle color rellback save $2 or 6.97 each the printed canada items and prices available at walmart stores in canada only and only for stores in the distribution area of this ger printed on pefc april 8th walmart offer valid for customer walmart reserves the right to modify this offer

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