Walmart Flyer - 12/26-01/01/2020

guaranteed unbeatable walmart supercentre low prices see for ad match details janes ultimates ready for anything! dry rub seasoned janes ultimates wingst frozen wings fully cooked seasoned chicken wings meat protein 17% with tangy ranch sauce save now! save $5 classic bbq hrad for game time bydrate even dood na artificial favours of clear was 13.97 seedless oranges product of morocco case cir noodles original black diamond instant noodles cheddar slices chicken poulet save now! save 4¢ save now! save 50c instant noodles assorted flavours was 37€ black diamond slices was 2.97 pack loads planters cocktail peanuts arachides planters ing peanuts arachides paatide purex tutation goldal tem pepsi or 7up 24-pack planters peanuts or praline peanutsti purex liquid detergenti save now! save 1.50 save now! save $6 was 12.97 pack each was 7.97 admatchwy local competitors present for walmart will match the price of any local competitor's printed ad for

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