Walmart Flyer - 04/29-05/05/2021 (Page 3)

always low prices apple motts ase fruitsations original orumstick oreo save now! save 87¢ rollback save $2 mott's fruitsations cups was 2.74 nestlé drumstick novelties or confectioneries or del monte novelties was 5.97 heinz heinz mustard moutarde heinz relish tweet delissio woman ketchup it's just not the same without it! susmoa pas parel! huone delissio thin crispy mince croustillante singles individuelles pepperoni pepperoni rollback save 53c rollback save $1 delissio thin crispy crust or single-serve pizza was 4.97 heinz picnic pack was 5.47 urt vops source liberté ure creamer onnamon dolce latte creamer carame macchiato starbucks coffee enhancer was 6.97 greek save now! save $2 rollback save 716 source 16-pack or liberté 750 g tub yogurt was 5.98 graves hellmann's gio mélange de hellmann's apple juice real vrate sliced strawberries fraises tranches real vraje matos grave hellmann's mayonnaise graves apple juice each 945 ml-1l great value frozen fruit each selected varieties quaker juures club dipps pack chewy quad the keg ing chocolate chip rollback save 2.23 great value candy tub the keg large seasoning each was 7.97 quaker chewy or dipps club pack was 11.10 betty crocker crispy crispy minis minis saw betty crocker astro colat cheddar whipped salt & vinegar fle sel vinaigre castro original vanilla strawberry natural yogout | با betty crocker cake mix or frosting selected varieties quaker crispy minis rice chips or cakes mis astro original or smooth 'n fruity yogurt tubs or 1.97 each or 3.27 each printed in canada items and prices available at walmart stores in canada only and only for stores in the distribution area of this pefc printed on april 16th walmart

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