Zehrs Flyer - 11/04-11/10/2021 (Page 3)

produce more of the food you love online $3.99 ea farmer's market greenhouse peppers product of mexico 3's ei brl porces poivros dok large broccoli product of canada or mexico tin stay up to date on the latest deals at or sign up for our weekly email first of the season kiwi product of new zealand each clementines product of spain french green or yellow beans product of guatemala cart gel darling clementines ontario samu mncs can மாலா கோப் pc axiany 681 g or cherry tomatoes product of ontario eat smart buffalo cauliflower bites product of usa eats smart mecianos pc organics or taylor farms selected varieties product of usd mini salads selected varieties prepared fresh in-store daily buffalo cauliflower chou-fleur buffalo axiany foto great to go pe optimum members get it this week's exclusive offers for pc optimum members triangoli & porcin mushrooms truffle champignon porn truffe pc black label pasta selected varieties chicken hot or chilled ravioli grandi samplete see back page for details 影 member price non-member prico the deli cos dood le gruyere king maurity cut or jarlsberg tarisberg cheese deli cut pc natural choice or blue menu deli meat selected varieties staturel traditional black forest ham jambon foret noire traditionnel from our chefs" soup selected varieties pts from from yres that's like $4 in points for every $20* spent on blue or cheddar cheese selected varieties ziggy's deli meat selected varieties yves vegan slices or ground round selected varieties havarti yres jalapero veggie ham jambon veggie great to go items plus applicable taxes

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