Zehrs Flyer - 11/04-11/10/2021 (Page 4)

locally farmed locally found dominion farms quality above all ontario ontario ontario ontario manies bologique gala $249 ea $2.49 ea farmer's market carrots product of ontario canadano i grade dos carottes farmer's market" onions product of ontarios canada no.1 grade pc organics royal gala or red delicious apples product of ontario canada fancy drade greenhouse beefsteak tomatoes product of ontario onnies beligt red dilicious canada optimum ontario ontario ontario live lettuce laitur vivante pc live lettuce red or trio product of canada each sweet potatoes product of ontario asian brown pear product of ontario canada no.1 grade pc organics baby king oyster mushroom whole or sliced product of ontare- live lettused forint spaghetti night ontario simple comfort food saucy noodles and tender meatballs ope extra lean ground beef family size pc organics whole cremini or white mushrooms product of ontario cremini marinara & $3.99 ea spaghetti lumaiu basily tomates et basilic pc black label pasta selected varie des pc black label pasta sauce selected varieties linguine furlant garlic toast -a l'ail $6.49 ea club house bless cajun furlani garlic toast original or parmesan furlani garlic-toast-a vall club house one step or la grille seasoning blends house selected varieties blends langes italiano large size salad prepared fresh in-store daily originaldinale

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