Zehrs Flyer - 10/17-10/23/2019 (Page 4)

locally grown ontario pumpkins product of ontario each ontario and pocked collies la main tarmer's market odélices du marché gala apples pommes nomina 18 ka 41b ontario pirts farmer's market gala apples product of ontario canada no.1 grade little potato company potatoes cultivated in peut choice mixedores little gems assorties padt.cle & co canada multi less than 2 $3.99 ea fingerling goldendorées ontario greenhouse beefsteak tomatoes product of ontario canada no.1 grade celery stalks product of canada or green kale product of ontario each canada potatoes or pc golden fingerling potatoes pristine sweet celebration multi less than 2 $2.29 ea family size blackberries or driscoll's raspberries tree-ripe peaches product of u.s.a pc extra large green or red seedless grapes product of u.s.a avocados product of mexico mill 52swory zam! shishito peppers optimum canada canada shazam shishito pepper product of mexico greenhouse extra large of canada or mexico cabbage product of canada large broccoli product of canada each bolthouse farms sprino muy bolthouse serry boost et de pes fruits melange prontaner farms green good bont vert baby spinach jeunes epinards floral shop may not be available optimum sale save up to ontario bolthouse farms beverages or smoothies product of u.s.a selected varieties pc salad blends product of u.s.a selected varieties cyclamen in upgraded assorted colours and varieties pots may vary grown in ontario small salads selected varieties prepared fresh in-store daily

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