Zehrs Flyer - 08/06-08/12/2020 (Page 3)

com food lovers unite zehrs lean ground beef family size sale save at least $1 lb chicken breasts split chicken wings family size top sirloin premium oven cut from canada aa or usda select grade beel or higher sparkle un det asc fresh tilapia fillets 7-9 oz fresh seafood items subject to availability pc extra large green or red seedless grapes product of u.s.a no.1 grade sugar crunch weltme kara ready crisp tex mex natural bacon original black diamond medium natural bacon naturel original multi ontario less than 2 $5.49 ea or schneiders bacon selected varieties jumbo seedless watermelon product of ontario pc or no name shredded cheese each liberte jumbo high protein grec greek magnum bracena otkos kellogg's two scoops vector raisin bran double caramel camery breyers creamery style bikos multi less than 3 $3.29 ea breyers creamery style ice cream confectionery frozen dessert 1.66l or magnum 3's selected varieties frozen danone oikos or liberté greek yogurt selected varieties kellogg's jumbo cereal selected varieties nest pure life nestlé pure life water prades nature ion and bistraciniustin powerade with b vitamins salsa medium pepiquante spring source telee werf sweet basi basilic multi less than 2 $2.49 ea powerade team pack pc natural spring water pc or blue menupasta sauce selected varieties

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