Zehrs Flyer - 04/15-04/21/2021 (Page 4)

optimum zehrs members get it this week's exclusive offers for pc optimum members & organics biologique see back page for details gbecel original proaca cotica pc organics large black tiger shrimp raw zipperback frozen black diamond cheese selected arterback "diamond medium mifort pts that's like $5 in points for every $50* spent on happy her or happy him gift cards planters gormet west coast barkada wag safted onds happy happy planters her planters roasted cashews or peanuts 600 g or selected varieties no name or pc single serve coffee pods selected varieties salted cashews coffee pods him happy him indigo hm happy her davola dsw wees indigo hm sportowe sth roots teras chidat cmd-sofort cho gaur com hudsonray orno multi optus al cecotchonotorious eam less than 2 $5.99 ea chapman's arts buy 2 get die spesso any spent within the same glucard and the secata caris i peciel fc opticas en tout the patiene el plante pts boere strawbe pts magnum krispies rasi magnum or yukon novelties selected varieties frozen kellogg's rice krispies bars special k bars 125 g on nutri-grain bars selected varieties multi less than 2 $2.49 ea double caramel original colt original that's like $1.20 in points for every $5* spent on cavendish spring sourc triscuit pc natural spring water stouffers macaroni au fromage original or bistro entrees k cheese hashbrown patties frozen the original nestlé pure life water oreo pure life l'original multi less than 2 $2.99 ea buy 2 get pots pts tonderflake new! extra cheesy tenderflake pastry zestants selected varieties frozen selected varieties servedenis win renes that's like $3 in points for every $8* spent on bottles and excel mints selected varieties and sizes real cheese multi less than 2 $2.59 ea ultra sponge towels excel exce campbelli berceau repoint scotties original cashmere campbell's broth 900 ml or concentrated broth cami concentrated concentre cashmere bathroom tissue 12 double rolls spongetowels paper towels facial tissue 6's selected varieties multi less than 3 $6.49 ea multi 21$40 jggies get 1 free windsor snugglers clean protect neilson milk selected varieties windsor clean & protect water softener salt pellets huggies or pampers super big pack diapers selected varieres general mills family size cereal selected varieties oat caunch lucky neilson nelson charms 2% milk laitted % lait con pampers swaddlers zeh back

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