Zehrs Flyer - 05/06-05/12/2021 (Page 3)

food lovers unite zehrs top sirloin premium oven roast or grilling steak fannily size cut from canada aa or usda select grade beef or higher only the best for the best this mother's day chicken air chilled or chicken legs back attached family size whole chicken poulet entier easy to feel orri mandarin mandarines faciles a peler pete chai tribut sweet co pc orri mandarins product of u.s.a farmer's market" russet no.1 grade or sweet corn 4's product of tarvirostra osum russet orri redress albin mandarines poltsailer cara profuivo progut ou cawa mozaidi iblea tex mex fresh atlantic salmon fillets club size pc easy cook! atlantic salmon basil pesto crusted or in lemon & thyme butter sauce pork whole loin boneless cryovac pkg black diamond cheese cheese 320 g or pc selected varieties black diamond name evaporated milk or free from naturally smoked bacon selected varieties ber & jerry hall baked pc burgers selected varieties frozen ceken burgers gers poulet rooster coconut milk 398 ml or no name evaporated milk selected varieties gugogugu breyers creamery style ice cream or confectionery frozen dessert magnum 3's or ben & jerry's selected varieties frozen brager coconut milk lait de coco # 纳 breyers bacon creamery style beef boss borgersentuk multi less than 2 $249 ea from small vegetable or fruit platter 1.17 kg prepared fresh in-store daily spring cashmere bathroom tissue 12 double rolls spongetowels paper towels 6 rolls or scotties facial tissue 6's selected varieties pc natural spring water source logue delissio thin crispy crust pizza flatbread delissio singles 2 sin plat thin & crispy world of flavours or flatbread pizza selected varieties frozen delissio thin crispy once coustillante cashmere spoo nes pure uje nestlé pure life water sponge towels want more deals? our full flyer lives online stay up to date on the latest deals at and in the pc optimum' app

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