Zehrs Flyer - 07/16-07/22/2020 (Page 5)

preduce ontario ontario grown dill cucumbers product of ontario large jumbo colossal colossal cherries product of u.s.a grown in canada tarmers daha doces dekces farmer doserie idato carrots carottes peaches péches ontario multi less than 2 $2.99 ea farmer's market" peaches 3 lor nectarines 2 l product of u.s.a jumbo seedless watermelon product of u.s.a farmer's market carrots 2 lb or onions 3 lb baby spinach jeunes epinards cooking with என் mais sucre spinach classke spinacabinas extra large green or red seedless grapes product of u.s.a farmer's market sweet corn product of u.s.a 4's family size regulator new chicken caesars chicken or new greek chicken salad prepared fresh in-store cooking with spinach selected varieties product of u.s.a great to go olivier olivieri olivieri fresh pasta selected varieties greek pasta olympia salad bento sushi maki boat selected varieties assorted sub sandwich the del coute dafyder avi babybel romano griginal cher babyh mini babybel cheese selected varieties zerto shredded cheese selected varieties arla dofino havarti cheese selected varieties deli cut free yrom simplement bon free from simplement bon schneiders sardo black forest hum jambon foret-noire se tu schneiders pepperettes turkey breast poitrine de dinde ona ranska rate kalamata den uves pepperettes original originales european à l'européenne schneiders pepperettes or bites selected varieties from or chicken deli meat selected varieties sardo olives & antipasto selected varieties rom 449 great to go items plus applicable taxes

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