Zehrs Flyer - 05/09-05/15/2019 (Page 4)

produce may 9 - 15 blueberries or blackberries product of u.s.a pts for every $3* spent on on opal apples product of u.s.a extra fancy grade canada delices marche red iceberg lettuce product of u.s.a or mexico each farmer's market russet red or yellow potatoes yellow fleshed à chair jaune delces du marché farmers market sweet corn eresepte 'mais si farmer's marketcorn product of u.s.a no.1 grade 4's pineapples product of costa rica each variety pack todos os assortiment pan sussen ende xapers terden coconure anglais ne cucos mini concombres ser ger axiany dertimaides tomatesores ontario ontario ontario ontario greenhouse extra large sweet peppers product of ontario canada no.1 grade farmer's market mini cucumbers product of ontario no.1 grade pc axiany cherry variety pack tomatoes product of ontario farmer's market english cucumbers product of ontario dole sedelos y march g" baby-cut miniatures baby spinach nakedlec spring mox melange printander bébés épinards col crowley ontario hydroponic lettuce product of ontario selected varieties farmer's market mini carrots queen victoria baby spinach or dole spring mix product of u.s.a 2's renées renées caesar pom césar greek feta grecque avec feta pom multi multi floral shop less than 2 $5.49 ea may not be available stallocations renée's salad dressing or vinaigrette product of canada selected varieties from pomwonderful pomegranate or blueberry 100% juice product of u.s.a small fruit platter with dip 1.17 kg or prepared fresh in-store daily may not be available at all locations pc hydrangea 6.5 inch assorted colours pots may vary each

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