Makro Folder - 26.02-28.02.2021 (Pagina 4)

korting* alle amerikaanse en canadese whiskey fles 700 ml of 1 liter old brand www in for generations uter and secret were rent bulleit jack daniel's tennessee whiskey four roses jim beam bulleit bourbon jack daniel old brand frontier whiskey tennessee = quality & craftsmanship since 1866 = sour mash whiskey est ed and bottled by the bulleit distilling distilled and bottled by authentic frontier whiskey imported ky straight bourbon whiskey untucky limestone-filtered water in the bullait fait jim beam black extra-aged four roses kentucky straight bourbon whiskey jim beam deam bourbon jim kentucky straight bourbon whiskey ince iwsc trophy worli rated breut elliott master distiller 40%vol black extra-aged bourbon - doe het groots doe het makro

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