BI-LO Weekly Ad Circular - valid 04/08-04/14/2020

bilo store hours our stores will be open until 8pm daily these new hours help our team to restock and sanitize the store week 16 - fy_20 quality brings famiiu to the table open easter sunday bl-nc pumpkin or sweet potato pie in the bakery equal or lesser value ven the bakery free smithfield shank portion smoked ham dedicated hours seniors and high-risk customers are invited to shop the first hour of business mon - fri first responders 8pm - 9pm mon & tues please respect this time given to our older and more susceptible community members and first responders smithfield half spiral gold star u.s.d.a choice angus choice bone-in easy carve rib roast free green asparagus strawberries 16 oz equal or lesser value pharmacy hours open at 8am mon - fri older and more susceptible customers now have extra time to fill prescriptions or seek counseling with pharmacists all pharmacies can provide influenza and pneumonia vaccines gold star pickn chickgi 80% lean fresh ground chuck value pack save up to $2 fresh salmon fillets certified sustainable mix & match buy 1 or buy 10 mix & match for for campbells each broth best one cousa jell usdad sanitation standards in store' gram coca cola mushroom soup et og campbell's cream of mushroom or chicken soup 10.5 oz jell-o pudding or gelatin 6-8 servings mix & match free we follow strict cleanliness standards and are working together with the cdc to add extra care to high-touched areas like pin pads and carts free laus classi partys lays mrs smith's breyers classic eros party sies natural vanilla butter ars cool whip lay's party size potato chips 12-13 oz save up to $4.79 on 2.equal or lesser value breyers ice cream or frozen dairy desserts save up to $2 save up to $8.99 on 2.equal or lesser value so much more easter treats delivered to your door for for land las5 dunkin house donuts duke mayonnal ich kunsalted butter folgers dukes mayonnaise land lakes peeps buy butter starbucks 12 oz or dunkin' donuts coffee 10-12 oz save up to $4 land o'lakes butter sticks 16 oz for lite 169 chinet kraft waaracht free cut mexican berlin chinet biplo crystal hops barley water rice bud light oilery delivered by shiptu kraft sharp cheddar or 18 pk michelob ultra or bud light lime see website for details excl club packs save up to $6.79 on 2.equal or lesser value kraft shredded or chunk cheese 6-8 oz bi-lo all prices valid with rewards senior discount day 5% off every wednesday double manufacturers' coupons see store for details

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