How much does Amazon Prime cost - Detailed analysis

If you are an online shopping freak or a bookworm who wants to read all the latest books as soon as they are released, or you are into movies, always scurrying the Internet for the latest movies, then Amazon Prime is designed for you. With over 100 million subscribers worldwide, Amazon Prime is fast becoming the online subscription for all and sundry; old and young, Gen Zs, Gen Ys, Millennials, Baby Boomers; nobody is left out. The reason for the widespread acceptability of Amazon Prime is due to the wide array of goodies it offers to subscribers. These services cut across different age groups and preferences.
How much does Amazon Prime cost - Detailed analysis

The question that might be bugging you now is: what is Amazon Prime? Why do I even need this ‘Prime’ in my life? I can order for whatever I want on Amazon and get it delivered to me, so why should I bother with this ‘Prime’ thing? 

You are right. You can order from Amazon and get it delivered. In this post, we will demystify what Amazon prime is, how much Amazon Prime costs, what the benefits are of having an Amazon Prime membership, and how to fully utilize the numerous benefits it offers. If you are ready, let’s delve into what is included in Amazon Prime.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a subscription service that gives users access to numerous services that would cost more on the regular Amazon website. Amazon Prime allows users to enjoy a wide range of benefits, including a 2-day free delivery on every good bought on the Amazon website. What makes Amazon prime a wonderful option for shoppers are the other coupons and benefits – aside from the 2-day free deliver – that they enjoy. For example, the free-release date delivery provides the subscribers with goods they had pre-ordered, delivered to them on the release date. This offer, however, is only available to certain zip codes. Still, it is a wonderful perk. It is imperative to note that there’s a subscription fee, and it’s relatively affordable if one considered how much not being on the plan costs.

The history of how Amazon Prime started in 2005 and how it has evolved since then shows that the subscription is designed to give subscribers benefits that they can’t refuse. There has been an Amazon Prime price increase starting from $79 in 2005. 

Benefits of Amazon Prime

Now that you know what Amazon Prime is, what are the advantages of having an Amazon Prime account? What do you get with Amazon Prime? Here are seven benefits (and this is in no way an exhaustive list) of Amazon Prime.

  1. Free 2-day delivery on prime-eligible products: If you are a shopaholic – or even if you aren’t, but use online stores quite often – the free 2-day delivery is a sticky and irresistible catch. You get to order whatever you like from the store and get them delivered free to you. One drawback to this, though, is that these freebies are only available to people living within the continental United States. If you don’t want your goods delivered immediately to you, you can use the “No-Rush” option. With it, you can have the goods you bought delivered on a later date. 
  2. Prime Now: With Prime now, the goods you ordered will be delivered to you on the same day. What makes this even better is that the delivery is free, and in some cases, delivery time could be less than two hours after delivery. The drawback, however, is that this service is limited to some locations in the United States. 
  3. Price of Amazon Prime Music: As an Amazon Prime subscriber, you have access to more than two million music on Amazon Music. You can listen to as many songs as you like. Prime Music, however, has a limited music library. But still, it has a wide range of music options to choose from. If you want an unlimited songs playlist, then triggering the Amazon Prime monthly cost of $7.99 for Amazon Unlimited Music is a better option. You might ask, why should be an Amazon Prime subscriber to register for the unlimited music package? Well, because other non-Prime members pay $9.99. 
  4. Prime Video: Being a prime member gives you unrestricted access to Amazon’s wide and rich movie library. It is like having a free Netflix account, but this time, it’s on Amazon videos. You get to enjoy all the latest movies as they are released. So, all you need to do as a prime number is stream these shows and movies on your device – an iPad, iPhone, tablet, PC or Android phones. 
  5. Free shipping of pantry: You get to have all the groceries you’ve ordered (if it’s more than $35) delivered to you, free of charge. If you spend less, though, even as a prime member, you pay a $5.99 delivery fee. 
  6. Unlimited photos storage: After triggering the Amazon Prime membership fee, you have taken those beautiful photos of family, and vacation, and the sweet time you spent with the people you love, you’d want to save these photos to a cloud system. Amazon Prime offers its customers access to Amazon cloud storage for them to save as many pictures as they want. You also, as a prime member, get 5gig cloud storage for videos and documents. 
  7. Free ebooks: If you are a bookworm, this one will excite you. There are two brilliant offers in the free e-book freebies. First, you can borrow whatever book you want from the prime reading library. You can borrow ten books for free. The second offer, Kindle First, is the free book each month. Amazon curates a list of the best books of the month, unpublished, and gives you the chance to pick one. Whichever you pick, you get it for free when it is released; isn’t that amazing?
  8. Access to Twitch Prime: the online gaming service that allows gamers to video themselves while playing as others chat. Amazon Prime offers members free access to twitch several online games for free. For gamers who already have a twitch account, you only need to link your Twitch account to your prime account, and you are good to go. 
  9. Amazon Family: You get family-oriented coupons and deals as a prime member. For example, you get a 20% discount on all purchased diapers that are ordered with subscribe and save. You can also share the subscription fee with a friend or neighbor if you don’t want to pay the full monthly or Amazon prime annual fee. 

How much is Amazon Prime?

We have seen many benefits of Amazon Prime. How much would a subscription cost you? Well, there are several subscription plans for different packages. These packages have their pros and cons, and we’ll be giving you the features so you can make an informed decision. 

  1. Prime Video membership: To get access to unlimited videos of Amazon videos, you pay a fee of $8.99 monthly. This is one of Amazon Prime features that provides shows and movies are at your fingertips. The pros are the endless movies and shows. However, it is quite expensive giving you can’t gain access to other Amazon services. It costs $108 every year. 
  2. Prime month: If you want a more robust package, want to enjoy other benefits aside from the video streaming service of Prime video, then the prime month is a great offer. So, how much is Amazon Prime a month? It costs you $12.99 and offers you access to prime music, prime videos, Kindle lending library, and the other Amazon Prime membership benefits we mentioned above. The drawback of this offer is the high cost of this plan for over a year. You get to pay $155 a year, some $30 more than the yearly prime. 
  3. Prime Year: This is the best subscription package because it offers you access to all of Amazon Prime's packages – music, video, games, free shipping, etc. So, what is the Amazon Prime cost for a year? This package costs $199 yearly. The major disadvantage of the yearly subscription is rather limited music on Amazon music. If you want access to unlimited music, then you have to pay an extra of $8.99. 
  4. Amazon Prime student cost: For students with verified institutions' email, they get to pay half of the yearly fee and get massive students benefits for as long as they are students. While for regular people, the free trial period for Amazon prime is 30 days, students get a six-months free trial period. The students’ fee is $59 yearly, $60 less than regular prime yearly subscription fee. 
  5. Medicaid cardholders: People with Medicaid cards pay a $5.99 monthly fee on Amazon Prime. The Amazon Prime discounts for seniors are those with valid EBT cards. 

How does Amazon Prime work for free?

If you are wondering whether or not you must pay the required Amazon Prime monthly or yearly fee, then here is the news for you: Yes, you have to.

But, some have asked how to get free Amazon Prime. For this, you can use the 30 days free trial. The free trial period is designed to give new and prospective Amazon Prime members an idea of how it works and how to use the freebies it offers. 

With the free trial, you get access to limited offers available to Prime members. For example, you won’t be able to borrow books from the Kindle library. You also won’t get access to Amazon videos. 

So, if you love to shop, read books, are looking for discounts, want to enjoy music, then you better get the Amazon Prime membership after your free trial period expires.

Is Amazon Prime worth it?

For bookworms, shopaholics, and entertainment enthusiasts, there is no two-way about it; this question has just one answer: it is absolutely worth it! Some of the ‘can’t-resist’ Amazon Prime benefits include:

  • Free shipping
  • Unlimited video streaming
  • Free books to read and borrow

Also, when you look at the money you can save from the numerous perks Amazon Prime offers, it would be unwise not to key into Amazon Prime. The yearly fee is worth it. And for students, no deal is better. Paying half of the fee to enjoy all the benefits, and even more student-centered freebies is too mouth-watering to let go of.

Are there any discounts on Amazon Prime?

Many people who have engaged in Amazon Prime reviews have stated that you don’t have to worry too much if you are looking for discounts on Amazon Prime. The family coupons offer certain discounts on family goods, such as a 20% discount on diapers, 15% baby registration discount. There are also numerous discounts on Twitch that you won’t be able to resist. 

The American football on Amazon video

Football fans had been clamoring for football on Amazon videos. It became the first online streaming service to buy the rights to stream live American Football league matches to her millions of subscribers. It bought the rights to one full bank holiday of games in the 2019-20 AFL season. This will afford fans in the US to enjoy football on their Amazon video. 

How to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription

If you no longer want to be part of the Amazon Prime family (whether it’s after your free trial or after a year or few months of subscription), you can unsubscribe by logging in to your Amazon Prime account. Then you go to settings. There, in the settings tab, you can unsubscribe by hitting the ‘End membership” option. If you are still using the free trial, click on the ‘Don’t Continue’ tab. It is that easy.


In concluding, we can easily see that Amazon Prime proves to be a great option for people who love to shop and love freebies. Throughout the length of this article, we have seen what is included in Amazon Prime. We have seen that Bookworms and music and movie buffs have found the right package. Getting on the “Amazon Prime” train is a great decision, one of the best you can make for your shopping life. 

So, go ahead! Subscribe for Amazon Prime and enjoy all the goodies of Prime shopping and entertainment!