Amazon vs Walmart: Which Online Retailer is Better?

Are you wondering whether it is better to buy from Amazon or Walmart? If so, then you are in the right place, and you are not alone! In these days of competitive retail, it is all too easy to become overwhelmed with advertisements and promises. One must spend a lot of time reading Walmart reviews, about the Amazon advantage, comparing Walmart vs Amazon prices, and more to answer this question on their own. Fortunately for you, this article will address all of these things, as well as accessibility, sales, groceries, and more!
Amazon vs Walmart: Which Online Retailer is Better?


When it comes to accessibility, it really just depends on your preference. If you prefer in-person shopping, then Walmart is your clear winner. Walmart brands, as well as other brands, can be found in abundance in any of the 4,000+ brick and mortar locations of the store in the U.S. If you prefer to shop from home, you can also visit the Walmart online store. Online, you can see the extent of the store’s offerings, as well as obtain additional information, such as the Walmart electronics return policy.

Amazon has a few physical locations, for example, their lockers and “go” stores. However, the Amazon eCommerce platform is what the retailer is really known for. So long as you have access to the internet, you can shop easily at the digital store. If you pay a Prime subscription, you can even get free two-day shipping on many products. Of course, Walmart also provides this service subscription-free. Amazon shipping prices are not as competitive as they once were.


Both of these retailers sell grocery-items. Amazon has Amazon-pantry, which allows you to purchase a decent variety of groceries online, and even set up a subscription. The cheapest food on Amazon comes from this section. Walmart sells some of its food online but actually has fully-stocked grocery stores in all of its locations. Its produce is always fresh, and unlike on, you will easily be able to make purchases that need to be refrigerated. Does Amazon have a grocery store aside from the pantry though? Yes. The retailer recently purchased Whole Foods, which has amazing products for higher prices.


Does Amazon sell more than Walmart? Try as it might, Walmart will never be able to have a product selection as wide as Amazon’s. Amazon is simply too big and has a supply chain that is much easier to expand. They can also add vendors with little additional cost. There are a couple of key things to buy at Walmart though:

These things actually sometimes end up being cheaper according to the Walmart price check app. Let’s expand upon pricing information now.


Both of these retailers have sales occurring on lots of different items at all times. They also have well-priced items and overpriced items. It is impossible to say whether one location is more expensive than the other. After a Walmart and Amazon price comparison, the answer is always “it depends.” Some items will be cheaper at one, or prices can constantly go up and down. It is best to find whatever you need at both locations and simply buy whatever has the better price.

Why are some things cheaper on Amazon? Vendors have much more flexibility when it comes to setting their own prices. That being said, they also have less quality control because of this. You are more likely to get ripped off at Amazon than Walmart when deal hunting. Why does Walmart have better prices online than in-store? Because there are fewer steps in the supply chain, and they pass the savings onto you, the lucky customer!

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As briefly mentioned above in the accessibility section, both of these retailers offer shipping to homes and businesses. The Walmart shipping cost can be free, while Amazon shipping can only be free if you pay for a Prime membership. That being said, most people can agree that Amazon’s shipping process is more convenient. You can order things in just a few clicks, and send things back in just a few clicks as well. You can also visit an Amazon locker for help with shipping inquiries or easy drop-offs. These lockers usually have employees that can offer you help too.

Customer Service

Amazon customer service reviews are a complex thing to cover. When people are leaving reviews, it is more often for vendors underneath the retailer’s umbrella than for Amazon itself. That said, the company does a good job of displaying comments as well as ways to get help on its site. Walmart also has great customer service both in-stores, online and over the phone. Truth be told, you cannot go wrong with either of these retailers. They will both take good care of your needs 24/7.

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Return Policies

You can return unused items at both of these stores. When you buy things on Amazon, you have about a month to return something you no longer want. Read the Amazon electronics return policy carefully because you don’t want to get stuck with a big bill because you messed up a return! Walmart, on the other hand, gives you roughly three months minimum to send something back or bring it back to a store. If you are someone who is not good about returns, or if you are buying an expensive item, we recommend sticking with Walmart.

Discounts and Sales

While you can peruse discounts and sales easily at both of these retailers, only one of them has Walmart weekly ads on Rabato. Rabato is a company that collects sales and flyers free from all of your favorite retailers and displays them in one convenient place for you. Amazon will require you to dig for items with reduced prices. Additionally, Amazon’s Black Friday deals are notorious for flopping. Walmart is quite a different story, as they are known for having some of the most epic Black Friday deals around!

Amazon vs Walmart — Advantages and Disadvantages

Larger product selectionFew physical locationsHas 4,000+ physical locations in the U.S.Carry few luxury products
Larger online storePrices are not as good as they used to beHave fully stocked grocery stores with fresh produceProduct selection limited by store space in some cases
Amazon lockers make returns easierUnderwhelming sale eventsReliably affordable for allNo Prime subscription equivalent
A Prime subscription can provide you lots of extra bonusesPoor quality controlCustomer service feels more personalizedNot all physical locations are open 24/7
Recently acquired Whole FoodsWhole Foods is unfortunately too expensive for most people to shop atApp and website are clean and simple 
 Not all states accept SNAP EBT paymentsHave a flyer featured on Rabato that will help save you money 


Is Amazon the largest online retailer? Yes, but that does not mean that it is superior in every way. Evaluate your needs, check out Walmart and Amazon sales, and choose the retailer that can provide you better service at the moment. Don’t forget to check out the Walmart flyers that are packed with amazing deals on Rabato!