Easy Ways How to Save Money On Flights

Nowadays people cannot imagine their life without traveling to various countries, continents, they spend their time not only like tourists visiting the most popular sightseeing places but also have business trips all over the world. One of the fastest ways to reach your destination is flight and it is also one of the most expensive ways, so it is very useful to know some tips for saving money on flights to make a trip even better.
Easy Ways How to Save Money On Flights

People usually plan their traveling in advance and it is the first rule of saving money not only on flights but also in other areas of life. They choose the destination and the duration of the whole travel at first and then just book hotel rooms and buy tickets. Very easy, isn’t it? But planning in advance is not the only thing you must know before buying tickets. There are also some tricks, like the best time to buy plane tickets for spending less money.

The full list of tips and tricks is in our article below, so take a close look if you want to make your trip easier and less expensive! Every tip is very easy and not hard to follow.

How to Save Money on Flights: Common Rules

Finding flights with a good and affordable price is not such an easy task, as people could think at first. Here is our guided list of the most common rules for finding cheap plane tickets:

  1. Plan in advance. As we already have mentioned, planning a trip in advance is one of the most important rules of a successful flight. Airlines usually make tickets available in about 300 days before the estimated date of the flight. When there is more time for planning your vacation, there are more opportunities to check prices, compare flights and as a result, find the best and the most affordable variant for you. And of course, buying round-trip tickets is mostly cheaper, than buying them separately. Especially in low-cost airline companies.  
  2. Flexible duration. Pay attention, that usually minimal stay of a vacation is 3 or 7 days and almost always includes a night from Saturday to Sunday and the maximum term is about 30 days, so the price of a return ticket on such days is usually higher, because of increased demand. Depending on a departure and arrival day, flight tickets costs may also vary. According to statistical information, prices on weekend trips are much more expensive than everyday ones. The most expensive tickets are usually for weekends, on holidays and also before and after them. But this information may vary depending on airline company offers as well. 
  3. Right time of the day. There is one more trick of finding cheaper flights to take a note of. It is a great opportunity to buy less expensive tickets at off-peak hours, which are from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. or from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. because usually, people search flights at work on a lunchtime or when they come home after work. That is why at such rush hours or at nights tickets cost more than they usually do. On weekends, tickets mostly have the same price all day long. 
  4. Don’t be afraid of low-cost flights. Regular airlines and low costs are two types of flights and both of them are worthy of notice, despite in general people take a dim view of low costs. Such types of flights are cheaper not because they are unreliable and security service is not as good as at regular flights as people usually think. Costs are lower due to the reduction of the number of the most popular customer services such as no pre-ordered meal service, only usual snacks; baggage restrictions; no free choice of seats in the cabin; no tickets return or date changes. All main services are available for an additional charge if you need them, but pay attention, that extra money could make the whole price at the end even more than regular airlines usually afford.
  5. Wait for promotional offers and special deals. As it was mentioned above, low-cost airlines are not always cheaper than regular ones. Regular flights sometimes afford their customers a variety of special deals and promotional offers. For example, hot season end deals are always held in fall because the traffic of travelers is significantly reduced. Such offers and sales are economically advantageous, but they also have special conditions: no return or refund, baggage restrictions, and others. Special offers are available for a limited period, that is why sale tickets are usually sold out in just a couple of hours, so it is better to subscribe to emails and newsletters from airline companies. 
  6. Use special travel ticket search engines. There is a huge number of airlines both regular ones and low costs all over the world and searching for affordable flights on all of those websites is a real waste of time. But there are special travel ticket search engines to make life easier and to help travelers to save money on flight booking. Such search engines do not have their base and do not sell tickets, but they use airline databases and just redirect you to the airline company website you need in just a moment. It is easy and super quick to search flight because all of them are on the same page.
  7. Be as fast, as you can! Since today people travel a lot and everyone wants to get the cheapest plane tickets, you need to be quick enough in making decisions to be among the lucky ones. So it is necessary to read and follow all the rules above to be completely sure about everything you need and to make a search and booking not that big of a deal anymore.

saving money on flights

Tips for Saving on International Flights

There is a big number of common rules to follow while searching for cheap tickets for traveling, but there are also some specific tips particularly for international flights. A list below will answer the question “how to save money on international flights”. Just follow it.

  1. Off-Season experience. Since the biggest demand, so-called “High season”, brings higher prices, why not try an off-season trip? Such low-season tickets are usually much cheaper than regular ones and prices for tours or individual tourist services are lower as well. For a huge amount of countries, summer, when people usually have vacations, is a high season, but it is not a problem to travel, for example, to European countries, like Italy, Germany, Spain and others in fall, spring or even winter. Every season has its benefits. But pay attention that summer is a low season for Asian countries because of incredible heat and a raining period. 
  2. Stopover or transfer trick. Such flights with a transfer or a big stopover are an ideal choice for those who want to get the biggest profit out of their travel. It is hard to understand how to save money on multi-city flights because usually, people think that direct flights cost less. But it is not always true. Flights with a log time of transfer are not so popular since not everyone wants to spend almost the whole day at an airport. When stopovers in a transfer country are less than 2 or 3 days airline companies afford them free, sometimes even with special offers like transfer or a hotel. It means there is an opportunity to have a short trip to a country you were not planning to visit.   
  3. Mix and match airlines. Sometimes it could be cheaper to book and buy tickets from different airline companies, not just from only one. However, low costs are not always a guarantee of cheaper tickets because of fees changes or special deals from regular airlines, so it is a must to spend a bit of time in a search and to be attentive as much as you can.  In such a way it is possible to find and get the best deals for a certain flight.  
  4. Hot deals. Charter service companies are other good opportunities to get great last minute flight deals and really cheap tickets. Charters are irregular flights for specific customers like, for example, travel agencies and their groups. They usually fly to the most popular destinations and it is possible to get only a full package tour. But sometimes there are such situations when in two or even one day before the flight, there are still some tour places left, so travel companies sell just plane tickets for lower prices to get money. It is an amazing chance for advanced travelers who are looking for new unexpected experiences.    
  5. Forget about big cities. Capital and big-city airports usually have much higher fees for airlines, which makes tickets more expensive. It is better to search for smaller airports in nearby cities. Like, for example, a small Memmingen airport near Munich, it has a regular cheap transfer to the Munich city center, and the whole price with a transfer is cheaper than a direct flight to Munich. Tickets to Abu Dhabi cost less than tickets to Dubai, but these two cities are very close to each other. The same with Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. They are located super close to each other, but direct tickets to Singapore are much more expensive. 
  6. Foreign currency. It is also possible to use a small hack with ticket prices because of currency differences. But it is important to be extremely attentive while searching for cheaper tickets in other currencies. Sometimes there are extra foreign currency fees on your bank cards, so at the end of the purchase, the whole price with added fees is much higher than it would be in just your country currency. It is a tip for advanced travelers who like to pay attention to details and get as much profit as they can.      

Tips for Saving on Domestic Flights

Since a plane is the fastest and the safest way to reach a destination, it is not a surprise that domestic flights in a lot of countries are as popular as international ones. In spite of the short duration of the flight, ticket prices could be even higher than to other countries. Of course, everything depends on the country and a specific city, but it is a good practice to know some more tips on how to save money on domestic flights.   

  1. Time of the flight. It is always cheaper to spend a night at a hotel in your own country than abroad, so don’t be afraid of booking tickets with an inconvenient time of departure or arrival. Such flights are always much cheaper since demand is not so high. Just do not choose a fixed departure time and the cheapest tickets will be the earliest or the latest each day. This tip works also with international airline tickets, not only with domestic ones.      
  2. Baggage price. Specific and additional customer service always needs some extra charges for a traveler, especially on low-cost airlines. Additional baggage fees can cost almost as much as the whole ticket or even more. It is better to take only a small carry-on bag on board and to escape from extra outlays. Search for local delivery services to send your baggage by land to the place of destination. It takes much more time but costs 2 or even 3 times less than by plane. If you need to take a lot of things with and want to save money, better use a local delivery service.         
  3. Group purchase. The tip is not to search for tickets for more than one person. For group purchases, airlines always show the highest prices because usually, they are looking for places on a board near each other. For example, seats 12 B and C are $200, but a seat 12 A is $250, so at the end of a search for 3 people we have tickets for $250 per each. Not bad, right? So don’t forget to search for tickets for one person and then there will be an opportunity to pick a seat you want.   
  4. Bonus cards and loyalty programs. Airlines have their special offers and bonuses to their regular customers. Just after signing up in different loyalty programs you will have an opportunity to get free coupons for duty-free shopping, hotel booking, huge discount offers or even free tickets. Some airlines offer a first flight discount if you book tickets for more than one person. There are some special bonuses for those who travel a lot, for example, free miles or points. You can collect such bonuses and then just change them for discounts or free tickets, depending on the bonuses you have.

In spite of the increased affordability of flights, it is one of the most expensive ways of traveling all over the world and it is still a problem how to save money on flight tickets to make the whole trip less expensive. Unfortunately, there is no one and the only way to buy cheap plane tickets, but a list of some tips and tricks is a great helper to find some opportunities to get less expensive flights in every country and every airline company.

If you still think that travelings and especially flights need a huge amount of money, just forget about it! It is completely not hard to follow all the simple rules of saving money on tickets if you want and need it. To sum everything up, the most important rules are:

  • Plan everything in advance;
  • Prefer flexible vacation dates more than certain ones;
  • Don’t forget about low-cost companies and special deals from regular airlines;
  • Search everywhere, especially on travel search engines to save not only money but also your time;
  • Travel with just a small carry-on cabin bag;
  • Think about a trip not only in summer, as every season has its benefits;
  • Be a sprinter and catch your tickets as fast as you can!    

If you follow all of them, you will always get some profit, like caching special deals, saving your time, money and especially putting down a stress level because of a high price. All of these things will make your flight easy, convenient, less expensive, and amazing. Find your ways of traveling and travel as much as you want!