How to Check Walgreens Gift Card Balance?

Walgreens is a popular drugstore that holds inventory on many daily use items. Besides, the Walgreens gift card selection is always available for customer purchase. At Walgreens stores, you can find, toiletries, pharmacy products, beauty products, and sometimes even quick groceries. They really have everything that you may need in just a quick second. Having a gift card to this store is particularly useful because it is a convenience store that typically has last-minute items that you need quickly. Gift cards are also great gifts to buy for friends and family. It is a useful gift that they can use for a variety of products, and it is much easier than guessing what types of niche stores they prefer. The convenience of Walgreens is unbeatable and appreciated by all. In this article, we will take a look at what gift cards are, how to use them, and anything else that you may need to know.
How to Check Walgreens Gift Card Balance?

What Are Walgreens Gift Cards

A gift card is similar to a debit card. They have an existing amount of money on them, and they can be used to purchase products at specific stores. For example, if you had a Walgreens gift card for twenty dollars, you would be able to purchase twenty dollars worth of items from Walgreens without needing another form of payment. Walgreens gift cards can only be used at Walgreens. However, this is not a bad thing. Walgreens merchandise is so broad that you can use the card to buy a variety of items. They primarily sell food and drug store related items. These items are of high use and needed by many people.

Many people like to use gift cards as a form of a gift. It is an alternative to gifting cash so that the recipient knows what they can spend the money on. People love choosing versatile gift cards. For example, if you had a gift card for a clothing store, all you could purchase would be clothes. On the contrary, for stores like Wallgreens, gift cards are much more practical and act as better gifts.

How to Get Walgreens Cards

Gift cards can be purchased at stores. However, any store is not always guaranteed to have the gift card that you are looking for. Many big box stores such as Walmart or Target have a large variety of gift cards to be purchased. If the store is very popular, they are subject to be sold out quickly, especially around the holiday season. If you are looking to purchase a Walgreens gift card specifically, the best place to look is at your local Walgreens stores. The stores will always have their own gift cards available, and the process of loading money onto them is very easy.

The process of selecting a gift card from start to finish is quite simple. Gift cards are typically displayed in their own section or near the front cash register. Select the card that you want and take it to the register. You can select cards that have predetermined amounts or you can choose how much money you would like to load onto the card. The cashier will activate the card for you, and afterward, you are good to go!

How to Check Your Walgreens Gift Card Balance

If you are worried about keeping track of the money on your card, do not fret. There are many ways to check the balance on Walgreens gift cards. We will go into detail about some methods below.

Method 1 — online

If you are wondering how to check Walgreens gift card balance online, it is really easy! There are a variety of websites where you can check the balance. One of our favorites is Gift Card Granny. When you go on their website, you can click on “check balance”. Now, all you need to do is type in your card information to retrieve your Walgreens gift card balance number. Many websites like this can check your balances. Make sure that the source you are using is reliable so that the money on the card does not get stolen. This is common practice from some sites.

walgreens gift card balance online

Method 2 — Phone Service

The second method is over the phone. This method is also very simple. The Walgreens gift card balance phone number is 1-877-248-5555. Once you are on the line, the operator will assist you in finding your balance. They will guide you through the process by asking a series of questions. They will ask you for card information and other details. Just follow the instructions provided, and you will soon have your bottom line.

How to check your Walgreens gift card balance phone service

Method 3 — at stores

The third method is to physically go into a Walgreens location. This method is a guaranteed way to find your gift card balance. Once you go into your local store, you can find any employee and request their assistance. They will take you up to the cash register and ask for your physical card or card information. They will then scan your card or enter the details in the system. Furthermore, they should be able to provide you with the current balance quickly.

Check Walgreens Gift Card Balance at store

How to Check Walgreens Gift Card Balance Without Pin

Contrary to popular belief, you do not always need the PIN to check your gift card balance. The PIN on a gift card is typically a six-digit code that can either be peeled or scratched to become visible. This may be needed for making online purchases or over the phone transactions. If you are just trying to check your balance, you only need the card number. The gift card number is nineteen digits long. It is located on the back of the card along with the barcode. If you think you may be subject to losing your card, feel free to take a picture of it or write the number down. This way, you will always have access to the remainder of the money left on the card.

You can use this number to request the balance over the phone. If you have the physical gift card available with you. You can always check the balance by using the in-store method. When you go to your local Walgreens store, you can ask a cashier for assistance, and they will simply scan the card for you without asking for a separate number or pin. This is the easiest way to check the balance without having to memorize or look up any extraneous numbers.

Walgreens Gift CardWhat Else You Should Know About Walgreens Gift Card Policy

Walgreens has a pretty straight forward gift card policy. It is very similar to other stores, and there are no hidden surprises or regulations that you may not already know about. One thing that you may not have known about Walgreens gift cards is that you can reload money on a standard card. This means that if you have a gift card that allowed you to choose the starting balance, you can continue to load more money on the card after the balance is depleted. All you need to do is take the empty card to a Walgreens employee and ask if you can load more money onto it. It is super easy and a convenient way to shop at the stores. This method can only be used at a Walgreens store, not at other locations that sell the gift cards.


Being given a gift card to shop at Walgreens is very lucky. With so many useful products and items to shop for, it will save you money on your daily necessities. Checking the balance on Walgreens gift cards is very easy, and there are so many ways to do so. This way, you can choose the method that works best for you.